1 kg Silver bar (varied brand)


1 kg 0.999 silver bar (various manufacturers)

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1 kg 0.999 silver bar (various manufacturers)

1 kilo silver bars are most commonly produced in one of two styles: minted ingots or cast bars. The minted ingots have refined edges and usually have more elegant designs, as several stages of the production process are automated by computer controlled machines. Cast silver bars have a more rustic appearance and generally attract investors focused only on adding silver as an investment option.

It is possible that the bars are in their original condition and packaging from the origin. However, some bars can also be shipped in plastic envelopes or simple boxes to protect the item during transport.

The 1 kilo silver bars available here are in varying conditions, from any source. You can receive a bar in totally new conditions or with signs of wear that range from minimal to heavy damage. We cannot guarantee the condition of the bar you receive or its origin. If you choose to buy more than one of these bars, remember that you can receive several in the same condition, from the same mint, with the same design elements. The obverse and reverse designs of these 1 kilo silver bars are determined by the house of origin.

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