1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin 2021 (31.1 g.) – 25 units tube


1 oz troy Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin 2021 (31.1 g.) – 25 units tube

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1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin 2021 (31.1 g.) – 25 units tube

The Silver Maple Leaf Coin first was minted in 1988 and has been a yearly release since then and is very popular. In fact, the design on the reverse of the coin has remained unchanged since 1988, with the exception of the inclusion of new security features starting in 2014.

In 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint first opened, initially minting gold sovereign coins with a ‘C’ mint logo, and has since set the standard for consistency. For this same reason, the Silver Maple Leaf has been a favorite of collectors.

Once again, the 2021 Silver Maple Leaf Coin shows a side profile of Queen Elizabeth II when she was in middle age. ELIZABETH II “is engraved above the portrait and below it is the nominal value and year of issue.”

The reverse of the coin shows the namesake of the coin, an exquisitely carved maple leaf. A special “Bullion DNA” authentication feature is also in the form of a maple leaf beneath, which can be used to check the coin’s validity. On the reverse, the metal form, weight, and purity are all present.

In addition to the consistency of which the Maple Leaf is minted, the ‘four nines’ purity of the coin makes it a sought-after investor and collector’s item. Since these coins contain the highest purity of silver in the market for precious metals, they are a perfect way to increase your portfolio of tangible assets of premium silver.

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