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CMMC Commercial

We import/export silver bullion and grain for investors, industry and retail from the USA and deliver your goods globally*, fast and safe. Contact us for a customization of your needs.

*Restrictions from the USA government apply. Check here for information about the Sanctions Programs and Country Information. 

About us

Our values

Our main values are seriousness, honesty and trust. CMMC Com, LLC is part of the enterprise Pratapura.com, a retail silver bullion store originally based in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and imports silver from the US. We take care of your business personally, and we have no representatives.


Our principle of value is to do business directly with the buyer, without involving bankers, letters of credit and loans for unnecessary additional costs or profits for those not directly involved in the business. The buyer contracts the purchase, pays for it, and we deliver. As simple as it can be, with very high standards of confidence and security throughout the whole process.


We only work with .999+ pure silver purchased directly from selected ISO 9001 certified mints. We do not work with producers from Asia or Eastern Europe, nor with unqualified suppliers and without a solid reputation in the market. We personally supervise the quality of the merchandise and the entire shipping process.


We are a silver bullion company established in 2011, first in Brazil and now also in the USA, that values very much honest business and the qualities of this precious metal, being for investment, industry or jewelry. We have constructed a reputation in this business, and we intent to remain at your best service as long as silver is needed.

As you will see, we walk our talk.

Who We Are

Security and credibility are essential when purchasing silver. Since January 2011 we are supplying pure silver to investors, collectors, goldsmiths and industry.

Caio Cordova is the founder and CEO of CMMC Com

Simone Cordova, partner of CMMC Com since 2015, heads the company’s CRM area

Tell us your needs

And we customize your silver imports.

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