We import/export silver bullion and grain for industry and retail from the USA and deliver your goods globally, fast and safe. Contact us for a customization of your needs.

About Us

Our values

Our main values are seriousness, honesty and trust. We are originally based in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and we sell only through our online store. We take care of your business personally, we have no representatives.


With CMMC you get not only access to silver coins and bars with very high security, but also a wide variety of information about the silver market, the world financial market, and the hands that manipulate these markets.


We are convinced that investment in precious metals, notably silver, is a unique opportunity to protect against the instability of the financial market for unsupported paper. The value of silver is immune to inflation, and in addition to being a commodity, it is considered a reserve of high quality tangible wealth.


We only work with parts from distributors authorized by the respective manufacturers. We do not work with parts from Asia or Eastern Europe, nor with unqualified suppliers and without a solid reputation in the market.

Who We Are

Security and credibility are essential when purchasing silver. Since January 2011 we are supplying pieces of Pure Silver to investors, collectors, goldsmiths and industry.

Caio Cordova is the founder and chief operating officer of CMMC.

Simone Cordova, partner of CMMC since 2015, heads the company’s logistics area.

Tell us your needs

And we shall customize your silver imports.

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